Monday, November 14, 2011

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Hey Everybody

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Children of God-Third Day

Just ran across this video by Third Day that exemplifies the doctrine of adoption better than I would ever be able to. Check it out. It is powerful.

We are the saints
We are the children
We've been redeemed
We've been forgiven
We are the sons and daughter of our God

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eli is 6 months!

Time flies....

Today we are remembering about the tornadoes that came through the state and the devastation that was caused.  We are remembering the many lives that were lost and continue to pray for their family members.  We are remembering the homes and towns that were destroyed and that are still rebuilding.  We are remembering how so many people came together to help and are still helping the victims to rebuild their homes and towns.  We are also remembering the pressure from the storms caused me to go into labor 3 weeks early and God reminded us that he is soverign and good.  In all the devastation he gave us the miracle of our sweet little baby boy.

6 months ago today we were going to bed with no electricity, no cell phone service, and unaware of how much damage how been done with the tornadoes. Then my water breaks....we panic "just a little bit".  Justin didn't quite believe me at first.  Our neighbor is a nurse and he goes to get her to confirm that I knew what I was talking about. :)  She told us to go on to the hospital so we start rushing around with flashlights trying to get somethings together.  Needless to say, we forgot a lot of things we needed.  We had to borrow our neighbors cell phone because our AT&T service was not working.

We started heading towards Huntsville in my car, which had the car seat in it, and realized I did not have enough gas in it to get to the hospital.  And of course none of the gas stations were open so we stopped by my parents house and got one of their cars.  We were on the way again.  Justin was driving super fast to get to the hopsital still not convinced I was in labor.  I wasn't in any pain or having any contractions.  The drive to the hospital was super creepy because it was pitch black.

We get to the hospital and it was only being run by generators so their was little light and the lobby and waiting area had no air conditioning.   It was about 1:30 am on April 28 when they finally confirmed that  my water had broken and hooked me up to an IV.  I was having some contractions but not much.  They gave me something to help me sleep a little and were coming back to induce me at 5:00.  I didn't realize that once your water breaks you need to deliver within 24 hours.  Anyways by this time we realized that we had forgotten our pillows and blankets so poor Justin used one of our bags as a pillow and a shirt as a blanket.  The hospital was running short on any extra things like that at the time.

My family got to the hospital about 9:00 that morning with a huge load of things we had forgotten but they wouldn't let them into the hospital.  Since the hospital was low on supplies and food, they were only letting each patient have one person with them.  So my parents were not allowed up.  My mom was soo upset.   Justin had to go outside to get our stuff because they were not even allowed in the lobby.

Elijah James Barnes was born at 10:15 am on April 28, 2011.  He was 6 lbs. 6 oz. and 19 inches long.  He was healthy with bright blue eyes and lots of strawberry blonde hair!!!  God is just full of surprises.  I love it.

The rest of the hospital stay was very peaceful and we were very out of touch with what was going on outside.  We didn't have the internet and the television wasn't hooked up to the generators. All we knew about the damage from the tornadoes was that we had no power.   Every once in awhile Justin could get his phone to connect to let people know what was going on.  Since all scheduled surgeries/ inductions were canceled there was not many patients so we were well taken care of by our nurses.  The hospital only provided food for the patients and of course it was only sandwiches because they could not cook anything.  So Justin starved most of the first day until some of our friends Adam and Erin Bass brought by some meat they had grilled.  By the next day, we were able to have 2 extra guest so our family and friends took turns coming up to see us and Eli.  Also we found out Publix was open on generators so Justin was able to get him some food for the rest of time.  It was an interesting experience but we loved getting to spend the quality time with Eli and resting without distractions.  But we were definitely ready to come home late Saturday afternoon to power.

We felt very blessed to be experiencing new life when so many around us were experiencing death.  Eli has changed our lives in every way.  We love being parents and the past 6 months have been the best in our lives.  Oh and Eli's hair is just getting redder.  And to answer the question we get everyday,  Eli's hair comes from Nanny, his great grandmother.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's about time that we updated....

I know it has been almost a year since we last posted which is pretty pathetic. So much has happened in the last year.  So I will give you the cliff notes version.

The truth is Justin and I really only started the blog so we could keep everyone updated on the adoption especially when we went to Ukraine for 6 to 8 weeks.  However as soon as we started the blog God gave us a surprise, we were pregnant!  We had been praying for this blessing for a long time and were waiting for God's perfect timing.   So when we found out we were so excited and yet a little sad that once again God would want us to wait for the child that we had been praying to adopt.

We are using the agency Lifeline to adopt.  If you are adopting and get pregnant with your first child they want you to postpone your adoption until your child is 6 months so you can get settled and see if adoption is still for you.  We still felt very called to adoption and wanted to continue with the process as much as we could.  So we finished all of our Home Studies and most of the questions by January 2011 and the plan was to see our social worker when Eli was 6 months (Oct./Nov 2011) and get the process rolling again.  We were aiming to be in Ukraine by the summer of 2012.  Elijah would be a little over a year. ( More on Eli in our next post!)

But this summer we got word from our social worker that Ukraine had passed a new law that we could not adopt any child younger than 5 years of age.  Our hearts broke again because we knew we would not get a 1 year old from Ukraine but we have been praying for a toddler.  Here is where we really understood Lifeline's policy of waiting 6 months after your first child.  After having Eli our desire to adopt grew stronger after we realized how much a baby depended on his or her parents and how much love we had for Eli.  Our hearts broke knowing that there are 147 million orphans that do not have the love and care that they deserve and need and somewhere was our child that God had planned for us to adopt waiting to be held and loved. But also having Eli we realized that we have so much to learn about being parents and that we would not be ready for a child that could be older than 5 right now.

So we are back to praying for God's will and perfect timing.  We are still planning on adopting internationally but we are praying for God to lead us to when and where.  Please pray with us that God would show us the path to take and with the adjustment to parenthood that we would be still and listen for his voice even if it comes in a gentle whisper.

I will try to be better about posting but I am not promising anything!