Friday, September 3, 2010

Looking Back...

One thing I love about Jess is that she is always journaling her prayers and writing down notes during sermons at church. I heard David Platt ( I watch him on the computer a lot) say in a sermon that we need to be reproducers of the Word and not just receivers. Writing sermon notes down is a great way to not just receive God's word put also be able to talk about it to others. Having said  that, I am not very good at this. However, I was looking back through an old notebook today and  found a poem I wrote from about 5 or 6 years ago.  It's great to look back on your life and see what was going on then and how God has worked out his plan. Anyway I thought I would share.

God, you have been there for me fully through my reckless times of wandering
Through times when I have stumbled, fallen, and been left hurting
God when I have felt as if there was nowhere to turn
You have carried me and guided me so I could grow and learn
I can not seem to surrender to you whether because of fear or selfish pride
I have always found it easier to simply run from you and hide
Father mold me into the man You created me to be
Open up my tired eyes so I can finally see
The man I am trying to be hates the man I have been
Drowning in the ocean beneath a tidal wave of sin
Guide me Father so that Your will might be fully done
Give me wisdom, give me strength, and draw me closer to your Son
Revive my spirit, renew my mind, and make me more like You
God giving you my entire life is all I want to do.

I will never claim to be a poet but this is my prayer.

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  1. This is awesome Justin!! I am excited about seeing (and reading) what God is doing in your life!!! Love you guys!!